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The world converges - Zago

  • 2022/09/28
  • 08:00 AM
Every year, on September 28 – The world converges to commemorate International Safe Abortion Day (ISAD). This is a time professional society, such as the Zambia Association of Gynaecologists and Obstetricians (ZAGO), activists and many other people around the world share information about the dangers of unsafe abortions, and further call for access to safe and legal abortion. Each action is bold and brave, thus making exciting this year’s ISAD being commemorated under the theme: “Abortion in Uncertain Times”. Indeed, ‘uncertain times’ in view of the many unfavourable events that have engulfed the world such as wars, conflicts, and natural disasters like floods, storms, fires, hunger to name but a few – which have negatively impacted provision of healthcare services including safe abortion.
ZAGO commemorated this day with unity and passion to save life – joined partner organisations in Lusaka’s Lilanda township. Many thanks to all those who joined hands with us: Youth Action Zambia (YAZ), Dzuka Cholinga Zambia (DCZ), Girls SafeGuarging Girls (GSG), I Survived Movement (ISM), Youth for Change, and many more who were part of this great day. Also, great thanks to the office of the district commissioner, civic leaders, the Church, community leaders, and representatives from the education sector.
On the Copperbelt Province, great thanks to the ZAGO Ndola Team for commemorating ISAD by sharing information on contraceptive use. Your work is highly appreciated. As for other ZAGO Teams countrywide, thank you and continue with the good work.
Together, we will reduce maternal deaths to zero percent by 2030.