The Zambia Prevention of Unsafe Abortions Project

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Women’s rights

About ZAGO

To reduce cases of unsafe abortions that are contributing 7% to maternal deaths

ZAGO is confident that the implementation of our strategic plan will contribute towards increasing access to integrated reproductive health and family planning services and thereby, help reduce maternal morbidity and mortality. We also believe that this plan will contribute towards prevention and treatment of other health challenges that our women and adolescent girls face such as the emerging conditions of NCDs and gynecological cancers.

Impediments to provision of safe abortion

A total of 20 interviews were conducted for CAC providers. Our research findings revealed the following factors as major impediments to provision of safe abortion services thereby contributing to a rise in unsafe abortion cases, which unfortunately lead to high maternal morbidity and mortality

  • Shortage of staff
  • Provision of service optional
  • Constant Shortages of supplies and medication
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Reasons Women Request for Termination of Pregnancy at a Rural Hospital in Zambia

We carried out a retrospective record review over a period of 24 months (January 2018 to December 2019) from Mansa General Hospital in Mansa District, Luapula province of Zambia. We reviewed reasons that women gave for their termination of pregnancy from the hospital records for the period under review.

  • Finacial problems
  • Pragnancy not allowed in school
  • Guardian will not surport pragnancy
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Feed Nutritious Meals to a Poor Rural Child

Personal Fitness Challenge Dharms of pleasure of the moment, so blinded by desire, that they cannot foresee the…

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FIGO calls for total decriminalization of safe abortion

Decriminalization of abortion refers to the removal of specific criminal sanctions against abortion from the law. This does not mean that the provision of abortion care is not carefully regulated.
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